Connecting pool owners to contractors & contractors to laborers

A swimming pool is an integral part of high-end properties, resorts, hotels, and schools. It looks simple but building a swimming pool requires proper planning, quality materials, and experienced contractors.

What is a swimming pool?

A swimming pool is a large basin or tank filled with water intended for diving, recreational purposes, or competitive sports. Besides bathing, swimming pools are used for activities like playing, wading, floating on inner tubes, water exercising, or simply cooling off on hot days. With growing demand, nowadays, building contractors are constructing swimming pools on the top of the buildings and promoting it as a USP of their project.

Swimming pools are now being built indoors with a heating facility that attracts people to swim even during the winter season.

But even after it is built and open for use, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance from time to time, which requires dedicated pool service staff.

The Pool Connect is a one-stop solution for complete swimming pool services. It is a dedicated mobile marketplace in different parts of the USA which provides premier quality swimming pool services tailored to fit the specific needs of both residential and commercial clients.

Creating a new standard in swimming pool services, The Pool Connect offers personalized service in a friendly way. It is launched with the mission to keep swimming pools clean and well-maintained. In addition, the app facilitates new construction, renovations, and equipment repairs and upgrades.

Key Services

Plaster Trucks | Plaster Finishers | Steel Guys | Tile Guys | Masonry | Demo | Pool Repairs | Shotcrete/Gunite | Landscape | Plumbers/Electrical | 3D Pool Plans | Tile Cleaning | Excavation | Demolitions and other related services

How does it work?

The Pool Connect helps pool owners to connect with swimming pool contractors and enables the contractors to hire trusted professional laborers for all their service needs. It provides various pool-related services, including cleaning and maintenance, repair, water, and chemicals. It provides experienced contractors for pool services and skilled professionals for specialized jobs like plumbing, masonry, etc.

Robust Customer Profiles

The Pool Connect is an advanced mobile app developed exclusively to support pool care service businesses. Every user on the app has a clean and clear profile with detailed information, such as service history, pool equipment, masonry service, repairs, etc., to help technicians provide proficient and tailored services to the swimming pool contractors.

Search Nearby Users

The Pool Connect app can even help your field team scout out new prospects. The app’s ‘Search Nearby’ feature offers The Pool Connect client recommendations based on their requirements and location.

User-friendly App

The Pool Connect is a user-friendly and instantly accessible mobile app available all across the USA. The app can be easily downloaded on Android/iOS mobile devices; quick and easy to set up. For more information on The Pool Connect app and its services, get in touch today.