Ways to Make Your Backyard Pool Feel Like a Resort

Having a pool in your backyard can feel like a dream come true. However, the primary problem with it isn’t the money but the planning and maintenance. If you’re looking to transform your current backyard into a holiday resort, this guide will help you through some budget-friendly ideas for a backyard paradise.

1. Create a Theme

To give your backyard the look of a holiday resort, it's important to plan a theme. Some common themes are the Mediterranean, a mountain lake, a tropical island, and more. You should discuss your theme with your contractor to ensure it's something they can accommodate.

2. Add Water Features

Not every pool has to be the same dull rectangle with blue tiles. In fact, with help from some of the best pool contractors, you can add a few water features such as a waterfall, waves, or even artificial rocks at the side that’ll give your pool a unique look.

3. Add Plants

Tropical plants can add some natural appeal to your backyard. While it may not always be possible to use real plants, you can install plastic replicas that let your backyard become your escape into nature. Some popular options for themed backyards include large ferns and even artificial palm trees.

4. Add Furniture

Resorts often have furniture near their pools, allowing guests to relax without getting in the water. While pool beds are common options, you can even add a few wooden chairs with a table for an evening dinner by the poolside.

5. Add a Fireplace

Having an outdoor fireplace will add even more value to your pool. With some couches surrounding the fireplace, it can become your ideal party spot with friends. Moreover, it’ll take romantic evenings with your partner to the next level, thanks to the warmth and cozy ambiance.

6. Tiles

Tiles are always important in your pool as they help keep things clean. By adding the other accessories, you can make your plain blue tiles seem a lot more interesting. You can also go for other colors in your pool tiles, such as black, to enhance your pool’s look like a volcanic lake. Be sure to discuss the available tiles with your pool contractor.

7. The Importance of Lighting

Mood lighting can make a big difference to your entire backyard. You can also get your custom pool builders to install underwater lights in your pool that will make your home the hotspot for pool parties among your friends.

Final Thoughts

Customizing your pool with some of the accessories and tips listed here will help you enjoy a tropical vacation in your backyard anytime. Be sure to hire a good pool contractor, so the construction and installation process goes smoothly.