Why Gunite Swimming Pools are a Popular Choice in Inground Pools

Adding a pool to the outdoors of your home is an excellent way to utilize your house space to the fullest. Besides, a swimming pool is a great addition to your home where you can party, relax, and have unlimited fun. Nowadays, there are multiple options available for the creation of pools. 

However, when we consider inground pools, the most popular choice these days are gunite swimming pools. So in this blog, we will find, are gunite pools really worth the hype? If so, then what makes them so prominent? Let us discover!

Let’s begin with, what is a gunite swimming pool? 

A gunite swimming pool is an inground concrete pool constructed with a blend of sand, gravel, cement, and water. The construction of the pool is carried out using a pressurized spray gun that sprays the cement mixture and forms layers after layers in the pool. 

Unlike conventional swimming pools, gunite pools leverage a permanent steel rebar framework to hold their shape. As a specialized gun is used in the process, spraying the material on all types of surfaces becomes easier, allowing for maximum coverage. Also, it enables the workers to provide all kinds of dynamic designs to the pool. 

Why are Gunite Swimming Pools so Popular?

We are often asked why gunite pools are trending in the current scenario. Well, first is the easy construction process of the pool. Other than that, several other reasons make them a great choice for inground pools. 

Some of the reasons are stated down below:

  1. Gunite Pools are Built to Last

One of the greatest advantages that makes gunite pools highly popular and demanded is their high durability. The pools are constructed using robust materials such as cement and gravel, making them extremely strong and providing a greater life span. 

You can use the pool for years before it needs any renovation, which in most cases never happens. Hence, once invested in the gunite pools, you can dip your tensions of maintaining the pool in the water. 

  1. You can Pick a Shape and Design of Your Choice

One of the biggest considerations that need to be taken into account while building a swimming pool is your house landscape. In most cases, some alterations or redesigning in the landscape are required for the swimming pool to perfectly fit into the area. 

However, with gunite pools, you can eliminate this worry immediately. As the construction process of the pool is extremely easy and done with a pressurized gun, you can choose a shape and design for your pool without amending your landscape. Just pick a design for your pool and implement it in your existing landscape. 

  1. They Offer Great Personalization Options for Pool Finishing 

Gunite is an excellent material with a wide range of colors and finishes. Hence, you can personalize your pool as per your choice and resemble it to the rest of your landscape. 

If you wish to make your swimming pool look modern and high-end, you can choose glass or pebbles as the finishing material and make it look spectacular. 

  1. Easier and  Efficient Construction than the Concrete Pools

Concrete pools were mostly used before gunite pools became a thing. However, the problem with concrete pools is that they take ample time for their construction.  

Furthermore, you can not judge the construction quality as it depends on the outdoor temperature while building the pool, which is beyond your control. Conversely, the construction of gunite pools is simple and less time-consuming, giving them an edge over the traditional concrete pools. 

  1. Gunite Pools Offer Higher Flexibility to Add Amenities

The sky is the limit when building gunite swimming pools. As the construction process of the gunite pools is more flexible, you can design a pool of any shape, size, and depth. 

Besides, you can include various amenities in your pool, such as underwater benches, built-in barstools, tanning ledges, and much more. Not only that, but gunite pools also offer great flexibility even to add spas, streams, and waterfalls, enhancing the natural appearance of your swimming pool. 

Ready to Design Your Gunite Swimming Pool?

The popularity of gunite swimming pools isn’t just a hoax but is backed by multiple authentic reasons that truly make it the best choice for swimming pools. So let us hear what you have in your mind for your swimming pool, and we will provide you with the best options to make your pool magnificent. Get in touch now!