Celebrate the Season with a Splash: Holiday Pool Makeovers

With temperatures dropping and air becoming colder each day, most pool owners commonly shut down their pools for good. However, there is a much better alternative that people don’t explore. And what is it? A holiday pool makeover. 

Remodeling your pool with innovative and appealing decorations, you can create a perfect space for enjoying winter parties. Imagine hosting a Christmas party in your courtyard with a beautifully decorated pool and people dancing to music. Wouldn’t that be great? I think it surely would. 

So, let us quickly jump and learn a few tips that will transform the look and feel of your pool and reenergize it with an electrifying winter energy. 


Trendy Ideas for the Best Holiday Pool Makeover

After hours of research and suggestions from the top pool renovation contractors in US, we have curated a list of seven terrific pool renovation ideas to implement this winter. Here they go:

  1. Put an Interactive Display of Lights 

Begin by leveraging smart lighting technology and create a dynamic and interactive show of lights around the pool. Purchase programmable lights and sync them to your favorite holiday music, creating a magical and immersive visual experience for the guests. This contemporary take on holiday decor will certainly make a lasting impact on people.

  1. Add a Touch of Elegance with Chic Color Palettes

This winter, go beyond the conventional red and green color scheme and traverse the world of chic and sophisticated palettes for your holiday pool makeover. Use distinct color patterns of silver and gold accents or imbibe the icy blue textures for your pool. A great addition that can visually transform your pool area is creating a monochromatic white theme that imparts a sense of sophistication. 

  1. Incorporate Holiday-Themed Pool Games for Your Winter Parties 

You might be thinking, who would be willing to go inside a pool in the wintery cold December? But believe me, when drinks are flowing around, with incredible pool games and great company of your friends, all will be inside the pool before you know it. 
Just ensure you put elements like Christmas-themed inflatable dart boards, a floating ice rink, and floating snowballs in your pool, and you will have the best Christmas party in town. 

  1. Turn Your Pool into a Hot Tub Haven

If your pool includes a hot tub, it definitely would be an icing on the cake. All you need to do is decorate the hot tub with twinkling lights and place flavored candles around the edges of the pool, and you are good to go. 
To make the experience more flavorful for the guests, offer them plush holiday-themed towels. This cozy retreat will be remembered for years by your friends and family.  

  1. Let the Drink Pour from Pool Based Cocktail Station

Allot a special place inside or near the pool to build your cocktail station for the party. Serve your guests with seasonal beverages like peppermint mochas, hot apple cider, and other festive drinks, and make the party memorable for all. Make sure to embellish the pool area near the cocktail station with holiday decor to make it more attractive. 

  1. Make Your Pool Christmas Friendly

Add festive elements like stars, candles, reindeer, a Christmas tree, and more in and around your pool to evoke the spirit of the season. You can strategically place oversized ornaments, install twinkling lights, and complement the party theme with holiday elements, making a harmonious blend of joy and enjoyment.  

  1. Begin the Song of Ice and Fire in Your Pool

In your holiday pool makeover quest, you can create a dramatic contrast of charisma by combining fire and ice features to the pool. Place torches or fire bowls along the pool's edges and combine them with cool blue lighting fixtures. This contrast produces an aesthetically arresting and engaging atmosphere that everyone loves. 

Where to Find Pool Contractors Near Me?

A mesmerizing holiday pool makeover journey requires the expertise of skilled professionals. To find the best pool contractors in US, consider the following tips:

  1. Research online: Begin extensive online research to find pool contractors near you and around the region. Watch out for customer reviews to see the client satisfaction rate and decide.
  2. Review the Contractor Portfolio: Take time out to review the portfolios of potential contractors. Look out for similar projects they had previously undertaken and determine if they will be able to execute your vision or not. 
  3. Check Credentials: Finally, when you have shortlisted the best pool contractor in US suitable to your preference, it's time to check if they have a legitimate and licensed business. This will ensure a successful and secure holiday pool makeover for your party without any unforeseen troubles. 


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