Is Your Pool Sick? Here are 7 Signs Your Pool Needs Maintenance


Knowing when to call the pool cleaning experts is essential to maintain proper pool hygiene. A poorly maintained pool swimming pool is not only a health hazard but can also punch a big hole in your pocket, draining all the money. 

The most important signs your pool needs maintenance are discolored water, discolored grout, cracks in the pool, dysfunctioning water heater, cloudy water, strong, pungent smell, and staining in the pool, among other things. Let’s take a detailed look at all signs and symptoms indicating that your pool is sick. 

7 Reasons to Call in Pool Cleaning Experts

  1. Discoloration in Water

If you notice that the watercolor is turning green or yellowish brown in some places on the surface of the water or underneath, it's time for pool cleaning. This discoloration, especially green, means algae growth. 
Don’t swim in the water with algae as it can cause skin irritation, rashes, vomiting, eye irritation, and even diarrhea. If not treated on time, algae continues to expand and damage pool equipment. 
In addition to pool cleaning, also get the pool filtration system checked. A faulty filtration system can also create the conditions for algae growth. 

  1. Clouds in the Water

When clouds come down to the surface of water bodies, it creates a picturesque moment for everyone. But the clouds we are talking about are not the scenic ones. Clouds in the water imply bacterial growth, contaminants, and lower chlorine levels in the water. 
When standing in the pool, if you cannot see your feet, it means the water needs to be filtered, and the pool needs a thorough cleaning. Cloudy water mostly means a chemical imbalance in the water. 

  1. Pool Heater Malfunctioning

Imagine getting ready for a morning swim in warm water only to find the water bone-chilling cold. If this happens to you, get your pool water heater checked. A malfunctioning or damaged pool heater is another one of the signs your pool needs maintenance. 
We have noticed several reasons that have led to a malfunctioning pool heater. These include faulty power sources, issues with heater temperature settings, damaged pool filters, broken pool pumps, and issues with the pool valves. 
Faulty bonding of the pool heater components can also cause electrocution. Hence, it's essential to get it checked on time. 

  1. Cracks in the Pool

Cracks in the swimming pool wall or at the bottom cause concern and signs your pool needs maintenance. Even the tiniest of cracks, when left untreated, can cause issues in the future. 
Pool cracks often take two forms

  • Structural cracks
  • Surface cracking

           Out of the two, surface cracking reduces your pool's aesthetics and shows that your pool was not built properly. Structural cracks can reduce the pool's structural integrity, and they need effective repair. 
           A proper pool maintenance service will help you discover flaws in the pool structure and surface. 

  1. Pool Staining and Scaling

Tiles on the pool wall, deck, and floor can develop stains and scaling. More importantly, these stains may not be removed with a regular brush or pumice stones, which we often use for self-cleaning. 
Hence, this is another one of the signs your pool needs maintenance. These stains and scaling is a result of calcium carbonate buildup. You can figure out their presence through the gritty and gray texture on the tiles. 
If not treated on time and properly, these stains may not be removed, and the only option left will be pol resurfacing. Resurfacing is a complex procedure, beginning with pool draining, sanding, and chiseling pool walls, and then applying muriatic acid, followed by filling the pool with water. 

  1. When You Have Uninvited Guests in the Pool

Irregular pool maintenance leads to algae and bacteria buildup, which becomes a breeding ground for insects and bugs. So, if you see even a single insect or bug in the pool, it means that there is algae or bacteria in the pool. 
At this moment, your pool needs maintenance to remove all impurities from the water and sanitize it to ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness. 

  1. Strong Pungent Smell

When your pool smells, it's a common belief that the aroma is erupting due to chlorine. On the contrary, a smelly pool means it needs more chlorine. The smell buildup is due to lotion, sunscreen, urine, hair oils, and other contaminants. 
Even algae and bacteria can release a bad odor, which is another one of the signs your pool needs maintenance. 


A sick pool makes for an unpleasant swimming experience and can cause health issues. So, when you need pool cleaning services, Download The Pool Connect mobile application to get in touch with pool cleaning experts, book appointments, and manage everything from one place. Get your swimming pool built, cleaned, maintained, and improved through experts provided by Pool Connect. Download the application now.