First Time Pool Owners Guide: How To Save Money and Time?

Whether you have just got your new pool installed or are moving into a new house that comes with a pool, you are in for some exciting times. A swimming pool in the house spells hours of fun, parties, and fitness with friends and family. 
As enjoyable as a pool is, first-time pool owners always have pool cleaning and safety at the back of their minds. 
And, we understand that it can get a little overwhelming and get in the way of you enjoying your pool to the fullest. 
To help you decode what pool maintenance means for first-time pool owners so that you can use it to the fullest, here are some helpful tips rounded off by our experts. 
Read on to know more!

First Time Pool Owner Tips for Saving Money and Time

Pool hygiene and maintenance is one of the most important things that all pool owners must keep in mind. It not just makes your pool look attractive but also saves you and your family from potential health concerns arising out of dirty water. 

If pool maintenance work is not undertaken regularly, your pool may become a money-guzzling pit. Maintaining your pool timely saves you tons of money and time and keeps the party always on!

Here are some tips that will help you stay stress-free and keep your money in your wallet. 

Know the Pool Basics

First things first. Before you get down to pool maintenance work, it is essential to understand what makes up a pool. Here are the major components that you need to know about:

  • Pump: The pool pump circulates the water and pushes out the debris and dirt to the drains. They are usually kept running during the daytime to ensure the water stays clean.
  • Filter: It collects debris like sand, leaves, detergent residue, etc. traps them. There are three main kinds- cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth, and you can choose one out of them depending on the size of your pool and budget. 
  • Drains: They are inbuilt with the swimming pool’s filtration system drain the debris out and return clean water.

Have a Cleaning Schedule in Place

It’s a given that to maintain hygiene, pool cleaning is a must. But random cleaning sessions won’t help. You need to have a regular weekly and monthly cleaning schedule that includes:

  • Scooping debris like leaves and bugs from the water.
  • Vacuuming the sides and floor of the pool.
  • Scrubbing the pool walls to prevent algae buildup.

Investing in pool cleaners works well. Alternatively, you can find pool contractors who can help you with professional deep cleaning of your swimming pool.

Know How to Maintain Water Chemistry
Correctly balanced water chemistry is important for not just ensuring that the water stays hygienic but also saving the pool equipment and structure from getting corroded. This may lead to expensive repairs later on. 

The three most important factors are:

Ideal range
pH level
100-150 ppm
Sanitizer levels
Depends on the kind of sanitizer used

It is important to test the pH and chlorine levels of your pool water two to three times a week and rebalance them. 

Instal Pool Safety Equipment
Research says unintentional injuries are pretty common in Americans. This mostly happens when you miss installing pool safety barriers. One of the most important things for all first-time pool owners is that you need to have these safety measures in place. 

Some of the best pool safety solutions that can potentially help save lives include:

  • Mesh pool fencing: One of the simplest yet most durable options, this includes a mesh that is anchored around the pool using poles. It is locked through a self-latching gate, which prevents unsupervised access to the pool area.
  • Safety covers: These covers bar people from gaining direct entry over the pool. Usually made with a double mesh material, safety covers are anchored around the pool deck.
  • Safety nets: Particularly useful for pets and children, these safety nets are made with knotted twines. They are anchored over the pool surface to keep people out of the pool when required.

Summing Up

Ongoing pool maintenance is an important process, especially for first-time pool owners. While it is great to sit down to do things on your own, we advise you to find pool contractors to show you the ropes initially. With The Pool Connect application, you can now find the most experienced, credible, and affordable pool renovation contractors and maintenance staff. They will help you keep your pool in top condition while ensuring that you and your family are safe at all times. Get in touch with us to know more about our tailor-made solutions for all your pool requirements.