From Concept to Reality: The Pool Construction Process Explained

Adding a pool to one’s house can be a thrilling experience. It completely changes the way you enjoy your home with no chance of ever getting bored not to mention the fun escape that it offers and a great chance to stay at the top of your health without even having to leave your home. 

However, a swimming pool at home is only as enjoyable as its construction quality. Pool development is a considerable process right from its ideation to the final touches. 

If you are planning to get a swimming pool constructed for the first time, this process may seem a little overwhelming at first. 

This is why we have put together this guide to decode the pool construction process for you. Right from what the process entails to pool maintenance once your pool is ready, we have it all covered for you. 

Continue reading to know more. 

Pool Construction Process: A Step-By-Step Guide

Making yourself familiar with the steps required in building your swimming pool helps manage your expectations and do the necessary prep work. 

Here’s how it goes from paper to being a beautiful reality for your house:

Planning and Consultation (2-4 days)

For any major construction to go right, the planning has to be impeccable. Your pool construction process starts with meeting pool architects. For this, you need to find experienced pool contractors near me to exchange ideas such as:

·      Budget

·      Expected usage of the pool

·      Layout

·      Features and design elements such as BBQ, fountains, decks, etc.

·      Heating 

They will also take into account essentials like permits and adherence to local laws to ensure that the process is seamless. 

Site Visit and Assessment (1-2 weeks)

The next step is a site visit by the pool construction team. They will visit your house and take pictures of the proposed site to determine the pool’s dimensions. This visit also includes taking measurements for them to prepare a 3D design of your property. 

Using the information during this assessment, your pool construction team will submit a 3D rendering of the project. 

Site Excavation (1-3 days)

Once you have approved the design layout, the next step is digging the area. This is done by accurately marking and proceeding to cut the ground and begin digging. 

In case there are some issues such as rocky ground, water logging, or accumulation of sand, these will be corrected first before the digging proceeds. 

Steel Installation and Plumbing (2-3 days)

Once the excavation is complete, the perimeter of the pool is laid with markers made of timber. The next step is to lay a cage-like structure made of steel atop plastic saddles that elevate this frame over the ground. 

Once the steel frame is fixed, it is followed by the plumbing process. This includes fitting the necessary pipes, lines, lights, and skimmers to maintain the pool’s circulation system. 

This is also the time to fit in the systems of your pool features like the deck jets and fountains. 

Filling the Concrete (4-5 days)

Once the steel frame is set, it is ‘shot’ with a mix of cement, rock, and sand. This helps give a shape to your pool and includes a couple of drying days in between. For instance, your pool maintenance and construction team will apply a spray of water to the cement 2-3 times a day to help the concrete dry without cracking. 

Installing the Pool Tiles and Completing the Interiors (8-10 days)

The shell of the pool is cleaned of the debris and prepared to give its interiors the final touches. This includes scraping its surface to make its surface even.

Next, coping and waterline tiles are laid to secure the pool and accentuate its beauty. 

The pool repair contractors will also seal all the pipes and fittings to ensure a watertight pool. The tiles are laid and grouted by hand around the pool’s waterline.

Pool Handover and Start-Up

This is the stage when your pool is almost ready to use. Before handing it over to you, it will be inspected for safety. This also includes checking whether the pool’s features, pump, filtration system, etc. are working. 

This is followed by buffing the pool and filling it up with water. This water is then balanced with chlorine. 

Summing Up

As exciting as the process of beginning a pool from scratch, you need to be mindful of getting only the best resources. This not just impacts how your pool looks but also its functionality and safety. This is why it is imperative to get only the best pool contractors near me. The Pool Connect now makes it easy for you to find pool contractors in USA with just a few clicks. Download our app on the App Store or Google Play to know more.