The Top Pool Accessories You Need for Your Backyard Oasis

A swimming pool is an amazing place to enjoy the long summer days. It’s the perfect place to gather, relax in the cool waters, and enjoy after-work food and drinks. A place that has so much potential, should be surely customized depending on how you plan to use it.

Fortunately, it is pretty easy to make your pool into a backyard oasis with a few accessories. But with so many options available, it is easy to get confused.

Consider these accessories to make your pool a space that you will love to be in.

How to upgrade your pool?

There are many activities that you can do around a pool that doesn’t involve swimming. You and your guests relax around the pool and use the space in many ways. Here are some accessories that you can install at your poolside to enjoy the space better:

Pool fountain

One of the coolest pool accessories that not just make your pool look beautiful but also fun is a pool fountain. They are a great way to break the monotony of a blank landscape without spending too much.

Pool fountains are a great way to cool the water when it has warmed up too much during the hotter days. They are also a great way to circulate the pool water and distribute the water chemicals and move the water easily through the filtration system. Not to mention, fountains make the space more fun.

To upgrade your fountain more, you can add multi-colored lights and patterns through nozzles to spray the water in different directions in various strengths.

Pool waterfall

Another amazing accessory that can bring your pool area to life is a waterfall. Waterfalls are a pretty versatile accessory that not just makes your poolside look beautiful but also has a lot of practical benefits.

They increase the water’s circulation and don’t let the dirt settle in. Waterfalls also make the pool area more welcoming by canceling out unnecessary noises.

You can choose from options such as a rock waterfall in which streams of water flow out from rock clusters into your pool. Another option is a rain curtain-style waterfall, which gives the impact of a wall of water in your pool.


What’s more fun than having floats in your pool to encourage people to enjoy the water more? Floats are a super fun way to spend more time in the water while you relax. They are great for children too who are learning to swim and help them become more confident.

You can choose from the classic rafts or go for the more fun options like inflatables. They are available in shapes like unicorns, birds, and even fruits. You can also opt for mesh seats that allow you to keep the lower half of your body in the water while you enjoy your favorite book or a drink while lounging in the water.

Weight training system

Who said that a pool is just for fun? It can be a great space for getting fitter. Since there is no risk of injuries due to the low-impact nature of water, you can easily do the workouts without straining your joints. The temperature of the water also keeps you cool and refreshed throughout your workout.

This is why water exercise equipment features in our list of recommended pool accessories. Depending on your workout style, you can choose from aqua dumbbells, water ankle weights, or water jogging belts.

Floating pool speakers

What’s a pool without pool parties? While you could bring out your music system closer to the pool, there is always the risk of it getting damaged due to water. That’s why a wireless floating pool speaker is one of the top pool accessories that you should invest in.

These speakers are completely waterproof and can sit on the water near you. These speakers run on Bluetooth. This means that you can easily play music using your phone or computer.

Seating accessories

No list of top pool accessories is complete without comfortable pool seating. These are for all those times when you would want to settle in your pool with a drink or your favorite music.

There are some great options to choose from including a hammock to add that tropical vibe to your pool area or an in-pool chaise lounger, which lets you lounge without getting wet.

Pool lights

Chances are that you will be spending a lot of time in your pool during the long summer evenings. To enjoy your pool better, there are plenty of floating light options that will not just brighten your pool but also make it safer at night by improving visibility.

You can choose from soft LED lights put around the periphery of the pool or floating lights, which are available in different shapes and sizes like the moon, stars, animals, and flowers. You can also put lights on the pool steps, pathways, and trees and plants around the pool to make the space look even more stunning.


Now that you know the best pool accessories, you may be tempted to install them yourself. However, installing these accessories properly is important for preventing injuries and damage to your pool. Professional pool contractors have the training and experience to install all kinds of accessories. The Pool Connect app helps you connect with top-notch pool contractors who will ensure that all your accessories are installed safely and efficiently. Download the app today on your Android or iOS mobile device to get in touch with the best pool contractors.